Island Watersports and COVID-19


Island Watersports and Covid-19

Infection prevention and control measures

Diver safety is paramount and always comes first, with diver fun a close second but always second. With this in mind we have put in place a few simple measures designed to keep everyone as safe possible and that are also easy to follow and remember. I'm sure a lot of it is second nature by now. These measures are designed to reduce the risks of infection and cross contamination. Please follow them at all times.

Spain and the Canary Islands have introduced a few basic measures that apply to everyone on the island when you are in a public place; you are expected to follow them at all times.

A face mask must be conectly won at all times.
Social distancing of a minimum of 1.5m must be maintained at all times.
Use hand sanitizer and gloves, where provided, before entering the shop, cafe, restaurant or dive centre etc.

If you don't already have a QR code scaner downloaded onto your phone, it would be really useful to do so as lots of restaurants and cafes etc are using them to replace their traditional menus and leaflets.

Before you arrive

We are doing more in advance and online to help maintain social distancing and minimise the risks from multiple people handling items. All diving is by appointment only so please email in advance with your travel dates (arrival and departure) and Valerie will confirm back with you by email.

All divers in Spain need to have be medically fit to dive and can now self-certify, so please be sure to download and use the new diver medical participant form, and if you need it here is the diving medical guidance notes for physicians.

By emailing your medical form, diver third party and medical insurance details and cert cards to Valerie in advance, it reduces the amount of paperwork and risks when you arrive and makes more time for fun! It's also a couple of things less thing to pack or lose and we've all lost or forgotten a cert card along the way 😉

When you arrive at the harbour

Please come wearing your face mask and maintain social distancing.

When you are at the dive centre

Please wear your mask at all times, inside and outside the dive centre, and maintain 1.5m social distancing.

Most of our facilities are outside so it will be easy for you to remain outside as much as possible.
Our spacious outside area is suitable for kitting up, rinsing kit and there is also a seating area for completing log books, teaching and relaxing between dives. Cylinders are to be left outside the fill station.

There are a couple of things you need to know. To make it easy there will also be signs up around the dive centre.

A maximum of 2 divers in the dive shop at any one time.
A maximum of 2 people in the WC/changing rooms at any one time.
Please ensure that you use the hand gel provided or wash your hands when you enter the dive shop and/or changing rooms. Please try not to touch your face and to touch as little as possible.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation,
Valerie and the IWS Team

Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Covid Health and Safety Guidelines

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