About Island Watersports, Lanzarote

Diver surrounded by salema Giant stride in at Playa Chica Group diving with Island Watersports Lanzarote

About Island Watersports Dive Centre, Lanzarote

Here at Island Watersports Dive Centre, IWS for short, we are passionate about all things diving and making sure that you have a fun, safe time with us is top of our list!

Island Watersports Dive Centre is a fully licensed dive centre, authorised by the Canarian government. We are based in the harbour at Puerto del Carmen with all the benefits of boat dives right outside our door and an amazing house reef suitable for try dives and training dives as well as giving access to some of the best dive sites on the island such as the Blue Hole and the Harbour Wrecks. You'll find that the dive centre is located immediately above the Harbour Wrecks one of which is embedded in the Harbour Wall. Check out the dive sites page for more info.

IWS is an SSI Dive Center and a TDI Dive Centre offering a full range of recreational, technical and professional courses, including our new Divemaster Internships; there really is something for everyone!
IWS has also teamed up with BSAC Lanzarote and is now a BSAC Overseas Training Centre too and is proud to be the only BSAC Technical Dive Centre in the Canary Islands and we can offer the full range of both OC and CCR courses and the ***ALL NEW BSAC Advanced Wreck Course***.

We offer lots of family fun too from introductory try dives & snorkeling through to entry level courses and fun packed shore and boat diving for the certified divers and dive families out there. We prefer to keep the groups on the small side and this is espeically true when it comes to the try dives and many of the courses including the first full certification course, the Open Water course; it applies to many of the tec courses too. This way we ensure that you get the time and input that you need to succeed. Not diving with your own family then you'll be diving with the IWS family 😎

We have a great team with a some new team members that I will introduce you to. Add to this the wonderful IWS facilities, amazing dive sites, excellent training opportunites and of course yourself and we have a winning combination.

Meet the IWS Team

It's offical: Georg has retired. You can be sure that when he's not yachting round the Canary Islands that he'll be popping in for a dive or two.

Many of you will already know Iain and Marie. Iain is our superb PADI Instructor and very knowledgeable dive guide and what you may not know about Marie is that she is a Rescue Diver although many of you have already been "rescued" by one her surface interval cups of tea or coffee.

Joining the team is Valerie. She'll be responding to your emails, meeting & greeting and for a little bit of a break and relaxation she'll be guiding dives and running scuba courses too.

The IWS Dive Centre Facilities

The IWS facilities are really top notch, the dive centre is fully accessible and can easily accomodate large groups of divers as well as family groups, buddy pairs and individual divers looking to meet a new dive buddy on their diving adventures.

We have a new inviting reception area where you can sign in, buy your mandatory dive insurance or grab a quick cuppa. We now offer Nescafe Dolce Gusto hot drinks as well as refreshing cold drinks; the divers special is a free cake with your drink!

Our changing room has toilets, a shower, storage space and lockers too for your small valuables; just leave your key in reception for safe keeping.

The IWS Dive Shop is stocked up with all your diving essentials and some really nice non-essentials too! You decide which is which.

  • * masks & snorkels
  • * slap straps
  • * mask anit-fog spray
  • * silicon grease
  • * a selection of different mouth pieces
  • * SMBs, DSMBs & spools
  • * Fins & dive boots
  • * and in case the unthinkable happens; replacement mask and fin straps!
  • * IWS log books
  • * IWS t-shirts
  • * choice of clips & bolts snaps
  • * dive computers
  • * underwater torches
  • * underwater cameras
  • * mini Aluminium cylinders
    colours: red, purple, black, silver & blue
    - use as a dry safe or for spares

Can't see what you're after; please ask as we may well have it even if it's not out on display and if there's something we can improve then please take the time to tell one of us before you go.

Our new technician's servicing area has been relocated into the dive shop keeping the shop open and making it easier to help you out. It was also to make room for our second compressor and the nitrox membrane.

The IWS Dive Centre Equipment

Here's some information, both techy and not so techy, on our equipment.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to BIG RED. She's our Bauer Poseidon P500S air compressor and yes she's big & red and pumps air at upto 500 litres/minute.

Next up is Little Red. She's our Bauer Poisidon FP fill panel and with 4 whips she soon whips those cylinders in to shape, I mean she soon fills those 4 cylinders.

Then we have Silent Running. She's our Coltri Sub MCH16 Minisilent second air compressor. As her names suggests she's quieter, albeit only relatively, to BIG RED. At the moment she is very quiet as she is waiting to be installed.

Working in partnership is Cool Runnings our Coltri Sub LP450 Nitrox Membrane. Once installed Cool Runnings will provide you with Nitrox for some cool diving run times.

Finally we have Mix N Match our Undersea mixed gases blending panel and Mister Pumpy, out booster pump. Once installed we can "mix n match" any gas you require. For the standard nitrox mixes and air we also have our Faber 50 litre banks.

Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce you to Thunderbirds 1 & 2 our Suez 7 DPVs. Will you be our next Scott and Virgil Tracy?

About IWS

- fully licensed legal dive centre
- all divers are welcome
- safety comes first
- SSI Dive Centre
- TDI Dive Centre
- now a BSAC Overseas Training Centre
- only BSAC Technical Centre in the Canaries
- technical diving and courses now available
- Divemaster Internships available
- dive shop with essentials & niceties too
- hot & cold drinks and snacks
- friendly dive banter & stories
- great diving, great people, great times!